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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If uE LoVe n mIsZ THaT pErSoN..
ThEn LoVe cAn cOmE AgAiN..
wHeN Ue mEeT AgAiN...
jUz LiKe pLaYiNg hIdE N SeEk..
No mAtTeR wHeRe iT HiDeS..
oR EvEn uR CaN'T See It..
It mUsT Be wAiTiNg aT SoMe pLaCe
               FoR UeE,,,,
aMiD ThE CoUntLeSs cHaOs.......
jUz LiKe tHe SiNcErE PrAyErS OF LoVe..
ThE PeOpLe IN LOVE......
         wiLL sUrELY MeEt aGaIn...:)

By ::NuT::

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