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Friday, December 3, 2010


It’s time for a poem my story to tell
Its tells of my love you know it so well
It's so very hard when I have to leave you
But our love is so strong it will see us through
My poems are yours that’s what I told you
Words from my heart so strong and so true
Each time they were written a story I told
So we can look back as we both grow old
At times I read them and feel such a fool
No way to write them, I follow no rule
All I write down are the things that I feel
Thoughts in my head at the time seem so real
We have survived all the things gone before
And only my love takes me to your door
I know it is hard when we are apart
You’re always with me locked in my heart
Whatever shall happen I will be there
Together forever the problems we’ll share
And each night as we cuddle safely in bed
All of your problems will leave your head
The only thing that is alive and so real
Is our love for each other the way that we feel
For that is our world that nothing can touch
Because put so simply I love you so much
Nothing can enter the world we have made
Nothing can harm you so don't be afraid
Because I am with you there by your side
I have so much love that I never hide
And safe in my arms that’s where you should be
Forget all the problems, the stress and worry
The words that I speak are always so true
Forever my darling I'll always love you....

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